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Support for Modern Work and Family Life

Divided into four core topic areas, our programme is easily accessible; practical and positive; open and inclusive; relevant and on-pulse.  Our unique combination of expert and lived experience voices, ‘big picture’ and niche topics means there really is something for everyone. View a sample of our content:


Meet Our Experts

All our content is delivered by hand-picked speakers and authors. Our selection process is comprehensive, focusing on contributors with proven experience backed by relevant qualifications, who we are confident can deliver the quality and experience our members are looking for. We are proud to work with a diverse range of individuals, including professional experts at the top of their respective fields and people with lived experience  - real life stories - to share. Find out more here about some of the people we currently work with.

Meet Our Experts

"The wide range of relevant topics are delivered in a variety of formats, creating so many valuable opportunities for our people to explore their own personal and or professional interests in a way that suits them." - Executive Director, Howard Kennedy LLP

Four Topic Categories

The WorkLife Central Programme provides support, resources, expertise and inspiration across 4 key topic areas relevant for modern work and family life - expand the sections below to find out more.

Careers iconCareers


Tools and strategies to develop employees’ professional skillsets. Covering subjects such as soft skills development, career progression, effective time management, networking, confidence, communication, mentoring, leadership, and personal brand. 

Sample Content:

Families iconFamilies


Within our Families core topic area, we cover topics relevant to families, parents and step-parents including the maternity/paternity transition, parental strategy, alternative family structures, children’s education, child mental health and support for carers. 

Sample Content:

Inclusion iconInclusion


Our Inclusion content covers topics related to diversity and inclusion both in and outside the workplace, including disability, race, religion, gender and LGBTQIA among others.

Sample Content:

Wellbeing iconWellbeing


Our Wellbeing-themed content covers topics relevant to all employees including mindfulness, mental health, anxiety/stress management, menopause, andropause and physical health. 

Sample Content:

Three Channels

The WorkLife Central Programme has 3 channels, each providing a range of formats for employees to tap into whenever and wherever they wish.

On Demand iconOn Demand

Instant Access Video


A collection of pre-recorded videos on core topics which members can watch in their own time. All videos are commissioned by WorkLife Central, carefully curated for our audience, and are unique to our programme.


Short-form videos typically 10- 15 minutes long, delivered by our carefully selected expert speakers - providing positive and highly practical takeaways in a bitesize format.


Recordings from our Live Talks, Workshops and Ask The Expert sessions, usually available within a few hours of the live session.

Micro Shorts

Quickfire 1-3 minute videos from our experts, giving practical tips to support employees in their work and home life - perfect for the very time-constrained.

Live iconLive

Live-streamed Online Events


Online-only live events conducted in real time;  presentations are delivered by one of our expert speakers and last around 45 minutes, and include the opportunity to ask questions.


Workshops are interactive, experiential, online sessions featuring discussion and practical exercises, and are particularly suitable for soft-skill development. A workshop lasts 45-60 minutes. 

Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert sessions are informal, flexible and interactive. Each one is linked to a particular theme - expect the expert speaker to introduce the theme very briefly and invite questions from participants. Questions can be submitted in advance or on the day.

Support Groups

Informal, friendly and confidential, Support Groups connect professionals who may be facing similar personal situations, experiences or challenges so they can support each other.  There is no ‘expert’ in our Support Groups, each group is facilitated by a WorkLife Central team member.

Library iconLibrary

Written & Audio Resources

Expert Articles

Our collection of articles, updated weekly, is extensive and provides a huge collection of resources written by our hand-picked guest contributors, covering a range of topics. Articles are short, digestible and practical.


Through our podcasts we hear from a range of voices, including professionals and experts discussing topics of interest, & personal stories and perspectives from individual members.


Since our origins in late 2012, we've published a weekly blog sharing the real life experiences and perspectives of individual members covering work life, family life and wellbeing.

Guides (Coming Soon)

Smartly designed, practical and clearly written ‘How to’ style guides by experts on a particular topic or theme.